Sunday, November 3, 2019

Story image for wedding jewelry from People Magazine

Angelina Jolie's Recipe for Dinner: Pax Cooks

People Magazine-Nov. 11, 2010
That Angelina Jolie is one busy working mom cannot be denied. But what about making dinner for her family of six kids and partner Brad Pitt? Does the star of ...
Story image for wedding jewelry from New York Daily News

Gold Digger: Beachcombing makes a rewarding passion

New York Daily News-Jul. 3, 2010
And engagement rings ... it happens all the time on the beach: A girl will start fighting with her fiancé, and she takes off the wedding band or the engagement ...
Story image for wedding jewelry from Ynetnews

Jesus lives on in Jerusalem

Ynetnews-Aug. 19, 2010
Some 15,000 Messianic Jews currently live in Israel, but if you saw one on the street you would almost certainly fail to recognize any difference. They honor ...
Story image for wedding jewelry from CNN (blog)

Bella Swan's engagement ring coming soon to a proposal ...

CNN (blog)-Apr. 27, 2010
Meyer co-designed the bauble with Infinite Jewelry Co. to match the description in her book, which, as points out, you can see in the latest trailer ...

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