Friday, December 13, 2019

Story image for fashion industry from Diálogo Chino

Fast fashion: A passing trend?

Diálogo Chino-Sep. 5, 2019
With eyes on New York, London, Milan and Paris, a growing chorus of campaigners and designers are sizing-up a more sustainable clothing industry.

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Explore the Victorian obsession with death at Lang Pioneer ... 6, 2019
If you ask people to describe the Victorian era of the mid-to-late 1800s, “prudish” and “repressed” are probably two words you'll hear in ...
Story image for Victorian Fashion from CNN International

Simone Rocha stages dramatic show in Victorian theater

CNN International-Sep. 18, 2019
Simone Rocha clearly has an affinity for historic spaces. In previous editions of London Fashion Week, the Irish fashion designer has staged ...
Story image for Victorian Fashion from Metro

Man who prefers the 1800s only wears historical clothes

Metro-Jun. 27, 2019
A man has decided to shun modern fast fashion and instead only ever wear clothes from the 1800s. Zack Pinsent, 25, burnt his last pair of jeans ...

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