Thursday, December 12, 2019

Story image for fashion industry from Washington Post

Marc Jacobs marks a poetic end to a fashion season of ...

Washington Post-Feb. 14, 2019
It's happening in other industries. With only a few exceptions, the fashion industry has stopped asking what the veteran design houses will do next; even when ...
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France to Lead Global Fashion Sustainability Effort

Fortune-May 15, 2019
France is taking aim at fashion's heavy environmental footprint with a global industry sustainability initiative. French President Emmanuel Macron has tapped ...
Story image for fashion industry from BBC News

Kering fashion houses to stop hiring models under 18

BBC News-May 15, 2019
Fashion company Kering has announced that it will no longer use models who are ... many supermodels got their start in the fashion industry at a young age.
Story image for fashion industry from New Statesman

Karl Lagerfeld represented the fashion world in all its ugliness ...

New Statesman-Feb. 21, 2019
He was deeply embedded in the fabric of the fashion industry. His misogyny was a brand, a performance: its ugly side was concealed by the dreams and ...

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