Wednesday, December 11, 2019

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'Star Trek: Discovery' Casts Rebecca Romijn as Number One 20, 2018
Honored to play such an iconic character in #StarTrek Canon originally played by the First Lady of Star Trek, Majel Barrett-Roddeberry! #StarTrekDiscovery ...
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10 Iconic Katy Perry Music Videos, Ranked From Sexy to Sexiest

POPSUGAR-Jul. 6, 2018
It doesn't matter that we've been blessed by Katy Perry's music for over a decade now — we're still obsessed. The sexy megastar is known for constantly ...
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"Fuller House" Abandoned Vicky Larson And We Demand ...

BuzzFeed-Dec. 15, 2018
The return of Vicky Larson (Gail Edwards) healed the broken hearts of so many OG Full House fans. We were desperately hoping Vicky would show up as soon ...
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Burnaby filmmakers earn $50000 STORYHIVE grants

Burnaby Now-Sep. 27, 2018
Two Burnaby creators are getting a $50,000 boost from the TELUS STORYHIVE program to bring their documentaries to life. STORYHIVE's first documentary ...

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